Ndumo signals red alert for conservation

Many South Africans have never even heard of Ndumo Game Reserve. Remote and undeveloped, the KwaZulu-Natal reserve attracts relatively few tourists. Yet it is now the focus of a dispute that could make or break the future of conservation in South Africa.

Travel illnesses: Know your enemies

A recent poll found that, while nine out of 10 international travellers took luggage insurance, only one in four got health information or vaccinations. If you’re travelling in Southern Africa, you should know about the most common travel illnesses and how to avoid them.

Which anti-malarial?

Of the four types of malaria parasite, the most deadly species, Plasmodium falciparum, accounts for 90 per cent of infections in sub-Saharan Africa. Your choice of anti-malarial – or whether to take one at all – could be the most important decision you make before travelling to a risk area.

Gas could endanger the Garden Route

A new offshore facility for importing liquefied natural gas on the Garden Route is said to be critical to supplying South Africa’s fuel and electricity needs. But the proposed plan could come at an unacceptable cost to the region’s tourism and environment.

Seven secrets of free travel

You get what you pay for. Well, that’s what they say – but who says you can’t get something for nothing? Alison Westwood went looking for ways to nab travel freebies. They might not all take your fancy, but the price is unbeatable.

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