South Africa’s Top 10 Coastal Hiking Trails

If lounging around on a crowded beach isn’t your scene, perhaps you need something more active – and exclusive. Here’s how: pack a backpack (or a daypack if you’re not feeling all that energetic), get your boots on and take a hike on one of these incredible coastal trails.

Secret Durban

Sunny skies, warm waves and bunny chow – what more could you ask from Durbs? Alison Westwood missioned beyond the usual beach scene and scored all kinds of kiff places to park off.

Kruger Park: The Olifants River Trail

In the Kruger National Park, most people enjoy the show from the seat of a vehicle. But for a privileged few, a four-day hiking trail along the Olifants River offers an intimate glimpse of a wild place beyond the roads and behind the scenes.

Holidays with kids on KZN’s north coast

Carting the kids off to the coast of KwaZulu-Natal is one of Gautengers' oldest holiday traditions. But that doesn't mean it's lacking in surprises, or that visitors are treated like travelling credit cards. There are plenty of exciting and affordable getaways to take children on the North Coast.

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