Addo: Bigger than elephants

Quick: name one thing you know about Addo. Elephants? Sure, there are plenty of those. But the park and its surrounds are also home to an astonishing variety of wildlife, eco-systems and adventures.

Wild West Walking in Namibia’s Fish River Canyon

For people who dream of hiking the Fish River Canyon, but are put off by the considerable challenge of walking 80km with a loaded backpack, there’s a milder option. Mule trekking in the canyon’s northern reaches takes the weight off your shoulders and leaves you free to drink in the incredible terrain.

Africa’s Golden Triangle

Three ancient cities and their treasures have become symbols of African civilisation and power. Before white men came to colonise the continent, Mapungubwe, Great Zimbabwe and Thulamela were centres of trade and culture. Their artefacts now reside in museums, but their stories still live in the stones.

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