My other blogs

I have a blog problem, a bit like some people have a drinking problem. (I sometimes worry I might have one of those too.)

I like making websites on WordPress very much, and when I’m not helping my friends and various companies make their blogs and websites, I keep starting new ones of my own. I currently have four WordPress blogs, including this one.

100lunches is about lunch (which we all have to eat, according to my mother).

100 Easy Recipes is a collection of recipes I invented mainly to use up leftovers without dirtying too many dishes (because we all have too many random leftovers and not enough clean dishes).

52 Cape Town Hikes is a collection of more-or-less suicidal day hikes in and around Cape Town (because I like hiking).

Be assured that, however neglected these blogs may appear to be, I haven’t quite forgotten them, and absolutely, definitely intend to update them in the very near future, whenever it arrives.

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