Alison Westwood: Traveler, Writer, Web Person

Hi! I’m Alison Westwood – a South African travel writer and passionate doer of digital things. I’ve written and photographed for magazines, travel websites and travel guides, and my photography and writing have been published in a book or two. I’ve also been known to teach travel writing at the University of Cape Town.

When I’m not travelling, I love making websites using WordPress. My clients include tour companies, charities and freelance writers.

On this website, you’ll find my travel blog and travel photography as well as many of the travel articles I’ve published (most of them in Getaway Magazine). I’ve also interviewed travellers considerably more crazy than me and investigated all sorts of travel-related issues, from elephant culling to carbon-offsets.

In addition to my travel blogs on this site, I blog about vaguely lunch-related things on 100Lunches, share really easy recipes on 100 Easy Recipes, and describe more or less suicidal hiking routes on 52 Cape Town Hikes.

8 thoughts on “Alison Westwood: Traveler, Writer, Web Person

  1. Hi Alison

    Wow, you have created amazing stories! We met on buitenkant street at the new coffee shop. Will be fun to have a chat before you go. My number is 082 7757605. We are working to establish youth hotels and extreme tours in SA.

    Enjoy the day.

  2. Alison you have a recipe for vet koek would love to make it but need to know what is all purpose flour?

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