Photo gallery: Barcelona Street Art

As usual, when in a foreign city and allowed the use of my legs, I’ve gone street art hunting, something which started with my first street art tour in Buenos Aires. Street art is surprisingly sparse in Barcelona – at least in the areas I’ve been walking around so far. Most of Barcelona seems to stick to tagging (not of any interest to me), childish murals on the garage doors over shop windows or sticking hundreds of stickers on them, but I have found a few little gems.

My favourite street artist is (obviously) Francisco de Pájaro, who does the ‘Art is Trash’ pieces. Most of the ones I found were in Gracia, just around the corner from our apartment in Calle Torrentes D’Olla, but I did find one in El Gotico. Interestingly, the one in El Gotico had the text in English (possibly a nod to the high concentration of tourists there). I found a piece about the artist here. Thanks for the smiles Francisco!

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  1. Nice post (esp.) since I’m touring the Iberian Peninsula (as well as other parts of Europe) fairly soon – will definitely keep a lookout for street art and see how the Spanish variety stacks up against that of other countries :)! I take it that Joves is not an especially well-loved politician either…lol

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