Valparaíso Street Art Photo Gallery


As the lovely woman at my hostel put it, the historic quarter of Valparaíso has an ‘infestation’ of street art. And she didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Perhaps my favourite piece is the one with the cows, visible from the kitchen window of Angel Hostal, right next to the ascensor. In case you speak even less Spanish than I do, the captions read: “A day in the life of the urban herd”; “6:40 am Wake Up”; “8:30 am Work”; “12:00 am Eat Rubbish”; “6:50 Consume”; “9:15 Entertainment”. The Pope and Elvis are holding signs that say, respectively: “Blessed is the obedient herd” and “Buying the dream Gringo is Rock and Roll!”

Yeah, I know. Not exactly subtle, but you gotta love the cow with Mickey Mouse ears :)

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