Bussing it to beautiful Bariloche

I arrived in Bariloche after a 20 hour bus ride on a Via Bariloche Super Cama bus and it was only the views that persuaded me to leave my amazingly comfortable seat.

Until you’ve ridden Super Cama, it may seem unlikely that anyone would want to remain on a bus after 20 hours, but, save for a need for a shower, a change of clothes and a breakfast slightly more substantial than sticky, syrup-covered croissants (the Argentinians consume at least 80% of the world’s sugar) I would have been happy to spend another 20 hours on that bus.

Nevertheless, I’d arrived, and it looked like I’d chosen a good place to arrive in. Not only that, but I’ve been lucky enough to choose an amazing place to stay. Walter’s house is called ‘El Fabula’ and there is indeed a story behind it. Formerly Italy’s no. 1 snowboarder, Walter fell in love with Argentinian ski-instructor Miriam and they returned to Miriam’s homeland. Walter has spent the last 10 years building this huge, crazy beautiful house on the Peninsula – a neighborhood he says is made up of the super-rich, hippies and bohemians. (He didn’t say which he considered himself, but certainly not the first.)

Walter and Miriam have three daughters, all of whom kissed me politely on the cheek, and a St Bernard, Sahsa, who shoved me half off my feet demanding love and tummy tickles.

Since I’m much better at speaking Dog than Spanish, I’m already firm friends with Sasha. I’ll have to work hard at Spanish School this week so I can make proper friends with the rest of the family.

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  1. Where did you come from when you went to Bailaroche? I am excited about the busses, I hear they are pretty nice! Do they have wi-fi?

    1. I caught the bus from Buenos Aires. The buses are very nice indeed, but there are a few things that could be improved. 1. There were instructions to connect to WiFi, and a supposed WiFi network, but it didn’t work. 2. No wine or beer was available 3. The breakfast was super tiny and coffee was only served after 9am – I’d been awake for two hours and was dying for my fix! So take your own wine, beer, flask of coffee and something decent to eat for breakfast, just in case :)

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