Street art by Blu, Buenos Aires

There comes a time on any travels, in my case about seven days in, when you feel a little on the lazy side and don’t feel like doing your touristic duties. It may be a sunny, summery Saturday, but you don’t feel like getting out of bed, catching another bus and walking another 10 miles in the sun.

So, today, Petra and I decided we would take it easy. We popped around the corner to the local ‘Helado Artesanal’ shop, bought cones of Swiss chocolate flavour and dulce de leche flavour ice-cream, and strolled along the shady side of Avenue Independencia for 10 blocks to reach a famous wall painted by Italian street artist, Blu.

I was warned at the ice-cream shop and at the wall not to stand around waving my iPhone and camera so much. The little old lady who warned me at the wall even described a well-known local miscreant – a boy in a black t-shirt on a bicycle, who was well known for snatching cameras. This put a dampener on our relaxed strolling, and I didn’t take the many hundreds of photos of Blu’s wall that I undoubtedly would have otherwise.

Instead of returning along Independencia, we headed for the slightly more savoury neighbourhood around the Congreso, where we sat on a bench in the sun watching children feed pigeons and women walk chihuahuas. A man in a blue shirt rode past on a bicycle, and I clutched my camera. But all was well. On our way home again, we found another awesome piece of street art, and I bought another ice-cream cone. When I discovered that there was a dulce de leche flavour WITH chocolate pieces in it, my Saturday was complete.

3 responses to “More street art and ice-cream in Buenos Aires”

  1. hangargallery Avatar

    argentina has really good ice cream! awesome street art pics btw

    1. alisonwestwood Avatar

      Thanks! My favourite flavour ice-cream here is dulce de leche. Wish we had it at home :)

  2. Meg (@Enigmeg) Avatar

    … I hope you’re leaving some ice-cream for me!

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